‘drawn down’

m k shhh m kshh m kshhh, where i kneel, lean chest ward, heart prone
majesty in the fairy forest
& cave realm abajo de abajo ohh, blessed crone

sound like a kiss
breath such a swish
abajo de abajo drawn deep deep
down  it is crowd eye so so crowded ancient
sacred rubble
it is cement eye so so rigid
summer solstice, in the crown

i give, forgiven prophet, the distinction
too much to hold
i forgive, benediction, life of lovelight
sacred temple deep
within my soul

he is bereft, an
that is ashes, dust is to dust
on wild island
–deadened fish guts
in the sand

he is bereft, an
kingdom coming, the illusory
ideal last ever known
for him static undead bible
–as man

still i go.  gold crown as blurple plu
hinge twilight ever could be

abajo de abajo to the
deathwood fang tooth forest

‘drawn down’


for tom
n me


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