it is

it is

T i M e, she ringer ringer bringer destroyer/
brings me back to me

it is time, bled bled blood death Nightingale, pale slim forest
taste of executioner exile
oh! the One

he calls on me (princess maiden forest beast) split tongue
at his behest
all the while I swing a while
at the mist edge

this is love

the dark edged tar forrrest~(run, run!!! draw/n down~)

wolfhead grey lush: he bereft bereft, the King–
meager measly hanging there skin
hungry & fanged
still–glimmr eye

friendship road & fang toothed tithe till
grandpa black’s ancestor trees shhhh shhh swishhhh toil speak
tongued. forked n creek run. speak
to me, it was a long book, large, rubied & with the baubles
still meant~
to be writ? what–

only i can See


it is purple blue
it is my wife in my one true heart bump bump
it is wiley, keepin the

it is out back tortured swamp saline green
selki myths in mists at her feet

& banjo riddles, good fun & brotherly love

on the run

it is what i cannot know, imagine
or care to divine

carnival, yet not
harlequin, yes. true

it is NOT YOU


it is

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