the medicine of Love*

when it comes strong when it comes it comes strong

a beat a beat like horse hoove feet & how d is here all week, as cycle cycles we into

That was the hardest beast I ever done.  Look down the face of Camcrack Lightn~ epic wondrous nod of warning Red Tent ReD Sailor Red Sky of Fannon’s faceless Red Sky (it says:) about to come

{island of Misfits, deep purple blue twilight thrrrum~]

~just the cycle of that.  How james anniversary is on its way, & the symbiosis artist legends mom/dad fog trauma dead bird GOD/deSS Sshift–cam & d–

First panic attack I ever had, In-n-Out parking lot California
luxury of orphan runaway come up on me}double nagative=quarantine
i left east LA on a train
for the hills in san louis obispo and all the growth there
that black market green

back to the back to back
to the reality in-out duality shadow totality
of (all-a)Me


it starts in may, the armor falling
of Grief

it starts in May, sentinels at forest ur not alone alonenesS
of relief

it starts in feb, imbolc 2019
dead ancestresses fallen bird-stars
in-between fog states
allover the beach


it starts–return, again–with words
& celtic medicine in the deeeeep

T’s journey at samhain visits, again
the little serendipity dragon
of purple &blue
the loon lagoon bird
speech of  / fr cave

the medicine of sister Soldier~ toil / onward :


the medicine of Love Lnagge, Sacrd/
((raccoon/ng / masks n
wig/s)) father, animus
violence mutation Lust/
s k / i n n n

k unk sk unk trill – trill!


be Brave

~ when it comes:
k/no/w, you Were born for this
Listen 1st

to your body,

relate ALL/One

& yes, trust in
don’t be afraiding of
mistake making or/n
also of

the fun

*or, back alley /

back rd

clinical notes, from backwards entrance

of Forest, crow’s crossed


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