one body central

to expose the network pull
one nerve, the impulse
however slight or
sullen or almost/ly
unseen in its
non expression
where the fissure
first cracks the place
this is where

you begin. go there. do the work a long, long time. paint cat eyes thick like whadyou use shoe polish so thick you can’t see the brain. play at this, here, the dumbness crucial to this kit, until everyone thinks you gone blind. feign.

now they call this mask, fawn. feign. design. remember sex as a weapon, all the times/
ways they called us to
turn the blame on our
self. my

mine. raw central, this
legacy of mines
this networked
nerve endings
in my skin

remember all the times they taught you?
this design?
to play dumb

doll white creamy complexion blur smoky coal cat eye seduction lurrrrk

…one nerve
one body
central one

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