once a long time away

regarding wave, i
told you once i knew you
were the real thing an
i was done for
i knew you set in

an there was an other before
once but

no castle in the sky ever
not once no cave to settle the music
in and mine weren’t
half broke open then so
awhile we had to sing, and

i run, as i did, as was done an
it kept me from home. and this
lasted a while and was fresh
and could’ve continued but

roots grown fresh hydrate
don’t just take but give
drink nourish dirt a cooker
as ovens can &
flesh wants what it wants
& so I came (i come)
home to you, again

n love

this nourishment i dreamed of,

a long time away.

i am grateful for you as the day is the sun, which

good morning world
we always greet new each day
upon arrival
thanks for our portion this day
to drink,


for Thomas

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