in the duende village

in the duende village i sip the seize muscle potion drown i am not scared even tho
i have avoided goin down


second time under 24 hours maggie rogers shows up/ both times
from the pac coast/ this shore girl this
rope of ours this

poetess, priestess, root shaker

shake her


back home.

when /i sit /to write about it/ dawes comes on
it is harvest descent
& so this–a nod to grammy, she sends me god kids/
sending me back 2010 in the woods w collin
sending me back 2005 in the truck w jb & bran
sending me back 2009 mist streets easton street lights &

i see them can you/ see them the (they are) gold (outlines) of black/white
negative space glow

(there are)

Roses /  everywhere

a l c h e m i c a l Rrr r e d

& loud ass trumpet blare & leaves rattle is still tree breath soothing sounding singing
hushhhhhh til the
brittle clatter
bone clack

(go back, now/
Time/ to Gather~)


music to move me forgive me remind me to show me
i can d a n c e ohhh grace of dark night waltz
then~ c o m e


i dream a dream in the back creek mist fog morning song

of love

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