at the hedge,


oh the cats are in the ally sings to me, one of wm gals on the line & also~
de laura hollers strong. why not we take a lil stroll, venice beach & italy~
the ladies are in the details. one who knows me prays me ever under the veil
& this i make no waste with here w all the mists and & grey drone

all around, ahhh yes the roses

on the ground

the man i keep
by my kitchn gate
i pray Him strong,
send that to the Virgin
whom you daneallnigh

he who keeps my child be not
kept asunder
i call his vices in
blak wolves took back

Black k/night & under

at the moon’s crescent lip i shine
to the feathery feather of ink
calling to me

ol fren keepin you onaline

anifineed it
blessed be it so too like this
poesis i 3x3it


ars poetica or, to the window on the world, which pool…you know witch!


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